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Tijah Aztec

Brown - Spotted C/C

DOB -12/09/2020

Aztec is a crowd favourite here at Lecruz Bengals. He is a vocal, affectionate and super friendly boy. He is a big softy and has the absolute best manners. He goes crazy during play time and has more traits of a dog in comparison to a cat. He can fetch, walk on a lead and has even learnt several tricks.


AlphaJag Ice Platinum 

Silver charcoal - Spotted Apb/a C/cs

DOB - 02/09/2019
Ice is our beautiful Silver Charcoal stud. He has a great solid structure and captivating hazel eyes. Paired with a loving smoochy personality....What a catch !


Lecruz Champs Élysées

Brown - Spotted C/cb

DOB -18/03/2022

"Rocco" is our home grown stud. He is an absolutely stunning boy. We are very happy with the structure and type of this boy - stunning green eyes, well set small ears, beautiful rosetting a thick snow leopard tail, whitened belly and great horizontal flow. 


Wild Mountain Dark Arts
Melanistic - Marble C/cb

"Ouija" is our upcoming Melanistic stud. We are super happy to be adding a long awaited melanistic to our program. We are super pleased with the wild type and structure of this boy. Ouija is defiantly one of a kind. The temperament on this boy is next level. We absolutely adore him. We are hoping to see some beauties from Ouija during Winter 2023 - Stay tuned!

IMG_7281 2.HEIC
Studs: Males
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