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DNA Inca 

Brown - Spotted C/C

DOB 30/07/2020 

Inca is our beautiful brown rosetted bengal she is very affectionate, energetic, vocal, and food CRAZY. Inca is truely breath taking. Everyone who meets her is blown away by her incredible features and unique personality. 

205971879_352141919647992_556756655158070171_n (1).jpg

Atistaldi Caspia Glaze

Seal Mink - Marble cb/cs

DOB - 30/12/2016

Caspia is our Seal Mink Marble Bengal and will be an awesome addition to our breeding program. She has striking blue eyes, lovely markings and a soft cuddly personality. We are eager to see the offspring she will produce here. 


Luxotic Lunar Eclipse

Black Silver - Spotted I/i

DOB - 27/11/2019

Lunar is our first addition to our silver program. We are so excited to see what she will produce with us. She has an amazing physique with the personality to match. 


Lecruz Koko Khalua

Brown - Spotted C/C

DOB - 23/03/2022

Khalua is our home grown upcoming queen. With championship and imported lines, this girl is destined for greatness here at Lecruz Bengals. Khalua is very confident, playful and curious. She will flourish into a beautiful girl and we are so excited to watch her develop. 


Leosleopards Red Icing

Silver Seal Lynx - Spotted cs/cs

DOB - 27/02/2022

Arctica is our beautiful Silver lynx girl. We are so happy to have her here and are eagerly waiting to see how she develops. She has beautiful aqua eyes, a silky smooth coat and a playful energetic personality. 


Iceni Anja 

Brown - Spotted C/cs, A/a

Anja will be joining us in late 2022. We are excited to have her apart of our brown and snow program. We love her wild look and captivating golden eyes. She has great structure, horiztontal flow and contrasting.


Klimpton Park Hallows Eve

Charcoal - Spotted Apb/a

Evee is our new brown charcoal girl. We are super excited to have her here. She will be an awesome addition to our charcoal program. Evee has beautiful contrasting, a silky smooth pelt and a cuddly personality. We cannot wait to see what she produces for us in 2023.


Lecruz Tiger Lilly

Brown spotted - C/cs or C/cb

Tilly is one of our upcoming brown queens. She carries snow and we are excited to see what she produces with us. Lilly has beautiful patterning, exquisite horizontal flow and a broken spine line. We are over the moon with this girl,  not only are her physical traits superb, she has a super playful and cuddly personality to match.

Queens: Females
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