The Breed


Bengals are hybrids of the Asian leopard cat and domestic cat. Bengals are known for their wild appearance, golden shimmer and their slender body. Bengals are very active cats, they are extremely affectionate and can be a lap cat.. on their terms. Their idea of fun is playing, running, chasing, climbing and investigating. They’re very inquisitive little things. Bengals loved to be cuddled but this is probably at the end of the day when they’ve gotten all their energy out playing and would like to snuggle up for bed time. Many Bengal’s enjoy water and if trained properly, will accompany you on a walk whilst on a harness. Loud and vocal is a trait to many Bengals, however, with all animals their personalities vary. Some may be very loud, others, more quiet and reserved. For families or individuals looking for a fun, energetic, beautiful feline companion, think about adding a Bengal to your family. Their markings come in 3 types, arrowhead, rosettes and marbling. Their coats come in a wide variety of colours which are recognized by Australian associations; Brown spotted, Seal lynx point, silver, sepia and mink spotted. Their coats are notorious for their luxurious silky smooth fur which shimmers, a trait carried on from their ancestors.

For details on the Bengal breed standard please click here.