In home program

As of 2022 we will be introducing our In Home program. This program will allow us to further diversify our genetic pool and allow us to continue to improve the Bengal breed beyond the walls of our cattery. We keep a small number of entires at our residence in order to give all the attention and care required. We believe this is the right step forward for our cattery as allowing females to be raised in the family home of others will ensure they are getting the adequate care and attention all bengals need. The program will run as follows: A 12-16 week old female kitten will leave our cattery to live with their adoptive family. When she reaches maturity (approx 1 year of age) she will come back to our cattery to breed for approximately 1-2 weeks with one of our studs. She will then return to her family for the gestation of her pregnancy (57-68 days). One week before her due date she will return to us and deliver her kittens. Once the kittens are weaned, mum will return back to her family home. This arrangement will occur for 4 litters. Following the arrangement, she will be desexed and able to live out the rest of her life as a loved family pet. If you are interested in participating in this program please get in contact and we will give you more information. There is limited spots available for this program and is subject to a highly selective application process. The cost associated with the program is $400 and is limited to individuals/families within 50km of Minto NSW.