Lecruz Bengals

Bettering the breed




"She is doing so well! She has settled in so nicely and my goodness I can’t even start on how playful she is and she is so crazy!! She always wants someone to play with her and cuddle her she follows me around the house and my gosh Caprice she’s a little angel. We love her more than anything!! She sure is very crazyyyy she runs all around the house and never stops playing, she has this big, beautiful, playful personality. She loves her food and her milk haha. She’s such a sweetie"

Barlett Family

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About Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Bengals are located in South Western Sydney approximately 50km from the CBD. We breed brown, snow and silver bengals with a focus on structure, coat, and personality. Our cats are raised in a family environment and are socialised with children from an early age.   

Health is an important aspect of our program. We health test all of our Bengals and have routine health check-ups. Our Bengals are all fed a balanced raw food diet to help them maintain that gorgeous physic as well as healthy insides.