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Lecruz Bengals

Bettering the breed

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About Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Bengals are located in South Western Sydney approximately 50km from the CBD. We breed brown, snow, silver, melanistic and charcoal bengals. Our program is strongly focused on health, temperament and type. Our cats are raised in a family environment and are socialised with children from an early age.   

As health is an important aspect of our program, we therefore DNA test all of our Bengals and have routine health check-ups. Our cattery is PKdef and PRA-b negative. Additionally our Bengals are all fed a balanced raw food diet to help them maintain that gorgeous physic as well as healthy insides. 

Available kittens can be found on our "Kittens" page. If your dream bengal isn't currently available, please fill out your details via the waitlist form also located on our "kittens" page. 

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"She is doing so well! She has settled in so nicely and my goodness I can’t even start on how playful she is and she is so crazy!! She always wants someone to play with her and cuddle her she follows me around the house and my gosh Caprice she’s a little angel. We love her more than anything!! She sure is very crazyyyy she runs all around the house and never stops playing, she has this big, beautiful, playful personality. She loves her food and her milk haha. She’s such a sweetie"

Barlett Family

"He is amazing, he has eaten and now he is following me around the apartment. Purring and making dough - seems so happy!!! Thanks a million he is one of a kind and I'm so lucky he is ours"

Mckee Family

'He's doing very well, super active and very playful. Thank you!'

Nogarotto Family

We have both spent time laying down and cuddling with her and you are so right about how affectionate she is we can’t believe it, she just wants to cuddle and play. We just adore her ! I’m at work now but will take some photos tonight and send to you… 
Thanks again Caprice, we’re so happy !!! Xx

Henriksson Family

He is unbelievable! So cheeky, mischievous and 100% loveable. 

He rules the house already and omg he is vocal! 

I can’t thank you enough. We’re all in love with him!

Barling Family

Just wanted to let you know that Leo has adjusted really well to our home! I played with him all afternoon/evening. He had his first encounter with his reflection, and that was quite funny (fluffy tail and all). Then he slept with us/on top of me on the bed all night. I think he’s adjusting quite well overall, but I just wanted to give you an update!

Waller Family

She is settling in so well. She did lots of playing this afternoon and snuggled with my girls overnight. She has quite the appetite and has explored the house already. We absolutely adore her. Thank you so much for everything!

White family

He is doing amazing and is being spoilt rotten. He has taken so quickly to our kids and is already sleeping at the end of our bed. We are over the moon with him. Thank you for raising such a well socialised kitten.

Vella family

Thank you so much for raising such an amazing kitten. He is our little shadow who follows us around everywhere. He is so gentle and sweet. He has fitted right into our family. Thank you, Caprice !

Fowler family

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